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Whole Beef Cut and Vacuum Packed

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Whole Beef Cut and Vacuum Packed 

10% discount if picked up at the ranch. Use discount code (PICKUP) if you are picking up at the ranch. 

Will last a family of 8 for one year

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Guaranteed to arrive frozen 

A whole beef will yield between 400 pounds of beef. Plan on using around 16 cubic feet of freezer space for storage. The price includes vacuum packaging and processing in an inspected plant. 

Example of included cuts:

*This list is based on an average weight of 400 pounds of packaged whole beef. Your actual take-home weight will vary.

  • 160 - 200  lbs Ground Beef in one lb. packages.
  • 40 - 56  Steaks. Ribeye, T-Bone, New York, Sirloin, Round Steak
  • 24 - 32  Roasts. Either Chuck Roast, Round Roast, Sirloin Roast
  • 24 - 40  lbs Beef Short Ribs
  • 12 - 16  lbs Stew Meat