Homer's Overall Ranch

10lb Monthly Subscription Membership

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10lb Monthly Subscription Membership

Free Shipping: ($50.00 value)

Will supply a family of 2-3 with enough beef for a month

Guaranteed to arrive frozen at your doorstep 

Subscription Details- You have complete control of your subscriptions. Skip, reschedule, edit, and cancel deliveries anytime to match your needs. Order will ship on the first Monday or Tuesday of every month. 

We will send you a 10-pound box of beef every month with this subscription. The price includes vacuum packaging and processing in an inspected plant. 

Example of included cuts in each box, Cuts will vary with each shipment 

5-6lbs of Ground Beef

1-1.5lbs of one or more of the following Steaks-Top Sirlion, Ribeye, T-Bone, or Tenderloin

1.5-3lbs of one or more of the following Roasts-Rump, Chuck, Tritip, Sirloin 

1-1.5lbs of specialty cuts