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Is Grass-Fed Right For You

People often ask why we raise grass-fed beef.
This is a sneaky way of asking, “Who would pay that much"
Our answer may surprise you.
Grass-fed products may actually NOT be right for you and your family.
It definitely isn’t a cheaper alternative.
In fact, it costs more than your average neighborhood grocer, but...

If your family’s health and wellness is a priority…

If you want a relationship with your farmer…

✓ And if you want to be able to trust the source of your food and how it was raised...Then our beef IS right for you!

Did you know that grass-fed beef…

✓ Contains fewer calories
✓ Supports healthy blood sugar levels
✓ Contains electrolytes which is great for dieters
✓ Provides six times more healthy omega-3 fats
✓ Decreases risk of heart attack and lowers bad cholesterol levels
✓ Has twice the amount of the cancer butt-kicking nutrient conjugated linoleic acid
...than corn-fed store-bought beef?

While grass-fed isn’t right for everyone from either a financial investment or a health perspective, it MAY be perfect for you and your family.

Boxed Beef

Cow Share (Raise Your Own Beef)

Holistic and Regenerative Beef

The beef we sell is naturally grass-fed and grass-finished. The cattle are never forced to spend days standing in their own excrement. The cattle are offered a new, clean paddock of grass daily during the growing season. During the winter, the cattle graze stockpiled-grasses and bale-graze. Cattle are handled using low-stress management practices. This is healthy for the environment, the cattle and most importantly your family.

Visitors are always welcome to make an appointment to visit the Ranch.

Future Plans

Become Part of our Legacy.

Grandpa Homer Nelson was a melon farmer and cattle rancher. His passion for producing high quality nutrient dense food lives on today. Just like Grandpa Homer, we still take pleasure and pride in providing high quality food to your family's table. We invite your family to become part of this legacy!